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"Executive Pay and Performance: Did Bankers’ Bonuses Cause the Crisis?"  Paul Gregg,Sarah Jewell and Ian Tonks
"The Efficacy of Shareholder Voting: Evidence from Equity Compensation Plans"  Chris Armstrong, Ian D. Gow and David F. Larcker
"Do Firms Replenish Executives' Incentives after Equity Sales?"  Tomislav Ladika
"CEO Compensation and the Role of In-House Experience"  Paul Brockman, HyeSeung Lee and Jesus M. Salas
"Peer Group Ties and Executive Compensation Networks"  Matthew Pittinsky and Thomas A. DiPrete
"Executive Compensation: Where We are, and How We Got There"  Kevin J. Murphy
"A Remedy for Soaring Executive Pay: Focus Less on it"  Simon C. Y. Wong
"The Million-Dollar Question: Has Congress Missed the Mark with I.R.C. § 162(m) Compensation Deduction Caps?"  Cristopher D. Jones
  04/20/12     Executive Compensation
"Performance Pay, CEO Dismissal, and the Dual Role of Takeovers"  Mike Burkart and
Konrad Raff
"The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) Firms as a Quasi Executive Compensation-Setting Laboratory" Kwadwo N. Asare and Eileen Kwesiga
"The Use of Principles is a Far More Effective Way to Ensure Fair Levels of Executive Directors’ Remuneration Than is the Use of Detailed Legal Rules: A Discussion"  Ewgeni Hersonski
"Is Inside Debt Efficient? Theory and New Evidence from CEO Pensions and Deferred Compensation"  Kelli A. Alces and Brian D. Galle
"Offshore Accounts, Corporate Income Shifting, and Executive Compensation" Leslie Book
"The Impact of Say-on-Pay on Executive Compensation" Steven Balsam and Jennifer Yin
  03/02/12     Executive Compensation
"Pay for Regulator Performance"  M. Todd Henderson and Frederick Tung
"Bankers’ Pay after the 2008 Crisis: Regulatory Reforms in the US and the EU"  Guido A. Ferrarini and Maria Cristina Ungureanu
"Fixing Section 409A: Legislative and Administrative Options"  Gregg D. Polsky
"Total Rewards & Pay-for-Performance"  Shahina Javad
"Does Delaware Incorporation Affect Executive Compensation? An Empirical Analysis"  
Pornsit Jiraporn, Jullavut Kittiakarasakun and Pandej Chintrakarn
"Ironing Out the Wrinkles in Executive Compensation: Linking Incentive Pay to Average Stock Prices"  Yisong Sam Tian
"Is Inside Debt Used to Provide Debt Incentives? Evidence from the 2008 Financial Crisis"
Joseph Taylor Halford and Mingming Qiu
  01/27/12     Executive Compensation
"What Does it Mean for an Executive to 'Make' $1 Million?"  David F. Larcker, Allan L. McCall and Brian Tayan
"CEO Preferences and Acquisitions"  Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen
"Hidden Costs of Mandatory Long Term Compensation"  James C. Spindler
"Accelerated Share Repurchases, Bonus Compensation, and CEO Horizons"  Carol Marquardt, Christine Tan and Susan M. Young
"Dodd-Frank's Say on Pay: Will it Lead to a Greater Role for Shareholders in Corporate Governance? Randall S. Thomas, Alan R. Palmiter and James F. Cotter
"Executive Compensation in a Changing Environment: Cautious Investors and Sticky Contracts"  Thomas F. Cosimano, Adam L. Speight and Hayong Yun
"Stock Option Vesting Conditions, CEO Turnover, and Myopic Investment"  Volker Laux
"A Tax Response to the Executive Pay Problem"  David I. Walker
"CEO Preferences and Acquisitions"  Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen
"Strategies for an Employee Role in Corporate Governance"  Brett H. McDonnell
  11/25/11     Executive Compensation
"The Old Boy Network: Gender Differences in the Impact of Social Networks on Remuneration in Top Executive Jobs"  Marie Lalanne and Paul Seabright
"The Association between Gender-Diverse Compensation Committees, CEO Compensation and Firm Performance"  Helen Spiropoulos, Martin Bugeja and Zoltan Matolcsy
"Golden Parachutes, Takeover Probability, and Risk-Taking"  Dong Chen and Morgan Joseph Rose
"Excess Pay and the Dodd-Frank Clawback"  Jesse M. Fried and Nitzan Shilon
"Mandatory Long-Term Compensation in the Banking System -- And Beyond?" James C. Spindler
"Regulating Executive Remuneration after the Global Financial Crisis: Common Law Perspectives"  Jennifer G. Hill
"Incentives and Innovation: Evidence from CEO Compensation Contracts"  Bill B. Francis, Iftekhar Hasan and Zenu Sharma
  11/04/11     Executive Compensation
"A Tax Response to the Executive Pay Problem"  David I. Walker
"Institutional Investor Preferences and Executive Compensation"  Joseph A. McCahery and
Zacharias Sautner
"Should the Outsiders Be Left Out? Director Stock Options, Expectations and Earnings Management"  Anwar S. Boumosleh, Brandon N. Cline and Adam S. Yore
"Top Management Compensation Incentives in Family Firms"  Zhi Li, Harley E. Ryan and   Lingling Wang
"'Say on Pay': The Movement to Reform Executive Compensation in the United States and European Union" Marisa Anne Pagnattaro and Stephanie M. Greene
"CEO Bonus Plans: And How to Fix Them"  Kevin J. Murphy and Michael C. Jensen
"Insider Entrenchment and CEO Compensation: Evidence from Initial Public Offering Firms"  Myung Seok Park, Benson Wier and Arno Forst
"Internal Compensation Structuring and Social Bias: Experimental Examinations of Point Factor Job Evaluation"  Daniel E. Martin
"Taxation and Regulation of Bonus Pay"  Timothy J. Besley and Maitreesh Ghatak
"Managerial Compensation and the Debt Placement Decision"  Susan M. Albring, Inder Khurana, Ali Nejadmalayeri and Raynolde Pereira
  09/23/11     Executive Compensation
"Stock Market Liquidity and Short-Termism-Driven CEO Turnover"  Min Jung Kang and
Young Han Kim
"Are Current CEOs the Best Board Members?"  David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan
"Scarlet Letter: Are the CEOS and Directors of Failed Companies ‘Tainted’?"  David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan
"The Unreasonable Case for a Reasonable Compensation Standard in the Public Company Context: Why it is Unreasonable to Insist on Reasonableness"  Stuart Lazar
"Managerial Attributes and Executive Compensation" John Robert Graham, Si Li and Jiaping Qiu
"Exploring the Missing Links between Executive Compensation and Firm Performance"  Gibson Munisi
"The Probability of Default, Excessive Risk, and Executive Compensation: A Study of Financial Services Firms from 1995 to 2008"  Sudhakar Balachandran, Bruce Kogut and Hitesh Harnal
  09/02/11     Executive Compensation
"Making Sense of Executive Compensation"  Simone M. Sepe
"Dividend Policy, Firm Performance and Executive Financial Incentives: An Analysis from the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act"  Dawn Drnevich
"The Politics of Pay: A Legislative History of Executive Compensation"  Kevin J. Murphy
"The Tradeoff Between Employee Ownership and CEO Compensation: Evidence from Defined Contribution Pension Plans"  Wenrui Zhang
"Crowding Theory and Executive Compensation"  Nina Walton
"Pay for Regulator Performance"  Frederick Tung and M. Todd Henderson
"Do U.S. Insurance Firms Offer the 'Wrong' Incentives to Their Executives?"  Andreas Milidonis and Konstantinos Stathopoulos
"Earnings Smoothing, Executive Compensation, and Corporate Governance: Evidence from the Property-Liability Insurance Industry"  David L. Eckles, Martin Halek, Enya He, David W. Sommer and Rongrong Zhang
"Pay Cuts for the Boss: Executive Compensation in the 1940s"  Carola Frydman and Raven Molloy
  08/05/11     Executive Compensation
"Seven Myths of Executive Compensation"  David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan
"Share Repurchases, Equity Issuances, and the Optimal Design of Executive Pay"  Jesse M. Fried
"Regulation of Say on Pay: Engineering Incentives for Executives and Directors – Experiences from the United States and Implications for Regulation in Switzerland"  Lukas Mueller
"On the Quality of CEO Option Pay Estimates"  Mark C. Anderson and Volkan Muslu
"CEO Compensation at Financial Firms"  Amar Gande and Swaminathan L. Kalpathy
"The Determination and Interdependence of Contractual Features of Executive Equity Compensation"  Zhan Gao, Yuhchang Hwang and Wan-Ting Wu
"Corporate Governance and Banks: What Have We Learned from the Financial Crisis?"  Hamid Mehran, Alan Morrison and Joel D. Shapiro
"Excess-Pay Clawbacks"  Jesse M. Fried and Nitzan Shilon
"Which Top Managements are Paid More? Commercial Banks vs. Security Brokers & Dealers"  
Sangheon Shin and Joo Jung
  06/3/11     Executive Compensation
"Drafting Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts"  Ralph Anzivino
"Gender and Partner Compensation at America's Largest Firms"  Marina Angel, Andrew J. Buck and Joseph Lopez
"Executive Pay and Performance: Did Bankers’ Bonuses Cause the Crisis?"  Paul Gregg, Sarah Louise Jewell and Ian Tonks
"When Should Shareholders Say 'Yes' on Pay?"  Ira T. Kay and Aubrey E. Bout,
"The Psychological Costs of Pay-for-Performance: Implications for the Strategic Compensation of Employees"  Ian Larkin, Lamar Pierce and Francesca Gino
"Compensation in the Financial Sector: Are all Bankers Superstars?"  Claire Celerier
"What Does the Market Say About Say on Pay? A Look at the Canadian Bank Experience"  Kim Trottier
"The Diminishing Returns of Incentive Pay in Executive Compensation Contracts"  Andrew Lund and Gregg D. Polsky
"Does Tax Policy Affect Executive Compensation? Evidence from Postwar Tax Reforms"  Carola Frydman and Raven Molloy
"CEO Contract Design: How Do Strong Principals Do It?"  Henrik Cronqvist and Rüdiger Fahlenbrach
"The Option to Quit: The Effect of Employee Stock Options on Turnover"  Serdar Aldatmaz, Paige Parker Ouimet and Edward Dickersin Van Wesep
"The Economics of Executive Compensation in Family Firms"  Zhi Li, Harley E. Ryan and Lingling Wang
"Executive Compensation Consultants"  Ruth Bender
"How Do Directors with Expertise in Related Industries Affect CEO Incentive Compensation?"  
Bunyamin Onal
"One Dollar CEO Salaries: An Empirical Examination of the Determinants and Consequences"  
Sophia J. W. Hamm, Michael J. Jung and Clare Wang
"Share Repurchases, Equity Issuances, and Optimal Design of Executive Pay"  Jesse M. Fried
"Law and Executive Compensation: A Cross-Country Study"  Stephen H. Bryan, Robert C. Nash and Ajay Patel
"Section 409A and Releases of Claims"  Regina Olshan, Andrew L. Oringer and Erica Schohn
"The Economic Consequences of Accelerated Vesting of Employee Stock Options"  Jennifer Li,
Fayez A. Elayan, Thomas Otto Meyer and Parunchana Pacharn
"Frictions in the CEO Labor Market: The Role of Talent Agents in CEO Compensation"  Shivaram Rajgopal, Daniel Taylor and Mohan Venkatachalam
"A New Legal Theory to Test Executive Pay: Contractual Unconscionability"  Lawrence A. Cunningham
"Why Not a CEO Term Limit?"  Charles K. Whitehead
"The Link Between the Acquisitions Market and the Market for CEOs"  John C. Coates and Reinier H. Kraakman
"Recent Improvements in Corporate Governance through Executive Compensation Reform"  Sang-Il Moon
"Regulating Compensation"  Christine Hurt
"Do U.S. Insurance Firms Offer the 'Wrong' Incentives to Their Executives?"  Andreas Milidonis and Konstantinos Stathopoulos
  01/14/11     Executive Compensation
"Executive Pay Restrictions for TARP Recipients: An Assessment"  Kevin J. Murphy
"An International Comparison of Legal Strategies Used by Executive Employees Recovering Bonuses and Stock Options: Where is the Future of Employment Law?"  Rohan Bruce Edward Price
"Executive Remuneration in Crisis: A Critical Assessment of Reforms in Europe"  Guido A. Ferrarini, Niamh Moloney and Maria Cristina Ungureanu
"Making Sense of Executive Compensation"  Simone M. Sepe
"Executive Compensation and Risk Taking: The Impact of Systemic Economic Crisis:  Alon Raviv and Elif Sisli Ciamarra
"The Effects of Marital Property Rights, Alimony, Child Support, and Domestic Relations Orders on Top-Hat Plans, Excess Benefit Plans, and Bonus Plans"  Albert Feuer
"CEO Compensation"  Carola Frydman and Dirk Jenter
"Big or Small: Compensation Consultant Selection, Switch and CEO Pay"  Naqiong Tong and Wei Cen
"How to Fix Bankers’ Pay" Lucian A. Bebchuk
"A Historical Look at Compensation and Disclosure: Cool and Refreshing!"  David F. Larcker and Brian Tayan
"When Policies Collide: A Decision Making Framework for Financial System Overhaul in the 21st Century"  Tim Wafa
"Reputation Penalties for Poor Monitoring of Executive Pay: Evidence from Option Backdating"  Yonca Ertimur, Fabrizio Ferri and David A. Maber
"Economics, Politics, and the International Principles for Sound Compensation Practices: An Analysis of Executive Pay at European Banks"  Guido A. Ferrarini and Maria-Cristina Ungureanu
"Regulating Excessive Executive Compensation - Why Bother?"  Jerry W. Markham
"Corporate Governance, Compensation Consultants, and CEO Pay Levels" Chris Armstrong,
Christopher D. Ittner and David F. Larcker
"Executive Compensation, Earnings Management and Shareholder Litigation"  Yan Wu and Robert A. Jones
"Suitable for Framing: Business Deductions in a Net Income Tax System"  David I. Walker
"Compensation in the Financial Sector: Are All Bankers Superstars?"  Claire Celerier
"Incentives, Financial Policy and Downside Risk: Examining the U.S. Financial Sector from 2006 to 2010"  Sjoerd van Bekkum
"The Law and Economics of Executive Compensation: Theory and Evidence"  David I. Walker
"CEO Compensation and Board Structure Revisited"  Katherine Guthrie, Jan Sokolowsky and Kam-Ming Wan
"The Role of Tax Regulation and Compensation Contracts in the Decision to Voluntarily Expense Employee Stock Options"  Walter G. Blacconiere, Marilyn F. Johnson and Melissa Fay Lewis
"CEO Remuneration and Bank Default Risk: Evidence from the U.S. and Europe"  Francesco Vallascas and Jens Hagendorff
"Comparing CEO Employment Contract Provisions: Differences between Australia and the U.S."
Jennifer G. Hill, Ronald W. Masulis and Randall S. Thomas
"Determinants of Executive Compensation in Privately Held Firms"  Jesper Banghøj, Gorm Gabrielsen, Christian Petersen and Thomas Plenborg
"Did Bank Executive Compensation Lead to Excessive Risk Taking and the Current Financial Crisis?"  Lin Guo, Abu Jalal and Shahriar Khaksari
"Executive Compensation: The Law and Incentives"  Stas Getmanenko
"Executive Compensation: Facts"  Gian Luca Clementi and Thomas F. Cooley
"Clean Hands' and the CEO: Equity as an Antidote for Excessive Compensation"  T. Leigh Anenson and Donald O. Mayer
"Gender-Compensation Differences Among High-Level Executives in the United States"  Fernando Muñoz–Bullón
"What do CEOs Realize from Option Pay?"  Mark C. Anderson and Volkan Muslu
"Executive Compensation and Risk Taking"  Patrick Bolton, Hamid Mehran and Joel D. Shapiro
"Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance in Financial Firms: The Case for Convertible Equity-Based Pay"  Jeffrey N. Gordon
"Moving Beyond the Dodd-Frank Act: Reducing Systemic Risk by Cooling Wall Street's Bonus Culture"  Bernard S. Sharfman
"Wolves in the Hen-House? The Consequences of Formal CEO Involvement in the Executive Pay-Setting Process"  Glenn Boyle and Helen Roberts
"Cash-Based Executive Compensation and Net Earnings – Ethical Analysis in Light of the Financial Crisis of 2008"  Michael A. Santoro and Ronald J. Strauss
"Does Say on Pay Matter? Evidence in the U.S."  Natasha Burns and Kristina Minnick
"An Unfortunate ‘Tail’: Reconsidering Risk Management Incentives after the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009"  Douglas O. Edwards
"Executive Pay, Talent and Firm Size: Why has CEO Pay Grown so Much?"  Jaeyoung Sung and Peter L. Swan
"The Untold Story of Underwriting Compensation Regulation"  William K. Sjostrom
"‘Say on Pay’ and its Repercussion on CEO Investment Incentives, Compensation, and Firm Profit"  Robert F. Göx, Frédéric Imhof and Alexis H. Kunz
"Say on Pay's Bundling Problems"  Andrew Lund
"Say on Pay Votes and CEO Compensation: Evidence from the UK"  Fabrizio Ferri and David A. Maber
"How to Tie Equity Compensation to Long-Term Results"  Lucian A. Bebchuk and Jesse M. Fried
"Executive Compensation: An Overview of Research on Corporate Practices and Proposed Reforms"  Michael W. Faulkender, Dalida Kadyrzhanova and Lemma W. Senbet
"CEO Compensation"  Carola Frydman and Dirk Jenter
"Promotion Incentives and Corporate Performance: Is There a Bright Side to 'Overpaying' the CEO?"  Jayant R. Kale, Ebru Reis and Anand Venkateswaran
"Executive Pay Inefficiencies in the Financial Sector"  Haley Barton and Judith A. Laux,
"The Billion Dollar Gaps Revisiting Section 162(M)"  Knut Peder Heen
"The Relation Between Corporate Governance and CEOs’ Equity Compensation"  Lawrence D. Brown and Yen-Jung Lee
"Market Reaction on Limiting the Executive Compensation Evidence from the TARP Firms"  Won Yong Kim
"Executive Stock-Based Compensation: A Case Study in Valuing Employee Stock Options and Restricted Stock Issues in a Breach of Contract Case"  Dwight Steward
"Executive Compensation and Earnings Management Under Moral Hazard"  Bo Sun
"Executive Compensation in the Courts: Board Capture, Optimal Contracting and Officer Fiduciary Duties"  Randall S. Thomas and Harwell Wells
  Executive Compensation     Social Security     Pensions     Healthcare     Saving  
"How Much Sunlight Does it Take to Disinfect a Boardroom? A Short History of Executive Compensation Regulation in America"  Ian L. Dew-Becker
"In Search of Reasonable Executive Compensation"  Eugene Kandel
"Executive Compensation, Share Repurchases and Investment Expenditures: Econometric Evidence from U.S. Firms"  Alok Bhargava
"Taxes and Executive Compensation: Evidence from the 1990s"  Peter Katuščák
"Paying for Long-Term Performance"  Lucian A. Bebchuk and Jesse M. Fried
"Effective Communication on Compensation"  Simon C. Y. Wong
"The Relative Efficiency of Clawback Provisions in Compensation Contracts"  Carolyn B. Levine and Michael J. Smith
"Is There a Case for Regulating Executive Pay in the Financial Services Industry?"  John E. Core and Wayne R. Guay
"Executive Compensation and Business Policy Choices at U.S. Commercial Banks"  Robert DeYoung, Meng Yan and Emma Y. Peng
"The Mark-to-Market Valuation and Executive Pay Package Regulations within the 2009 US (Bailout) Emergency Economic Stabilization Act"  Jamal Ibrahim Haidar
"Compensation Consultants and CEO Pay: UK Evidence"  Georgios Voulgaris, Konstantinos Stathopoulos and Martin Walker
"Reforming Executive Compensation: Simplicity, Transparency and Committing to the Long-Term"  Sanjai Bhagat and Roberta Romano
"Dynamic Incentive Accounts"  Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix, Tomasz Sadzik and Yuliy Sannikov
"The Wages of Failure: Executive Compensation at Bear Stearns and Lehman 2000-2008"  Lucian A. Bebchuk,Alma Cohen, and Holger Spamann
"Who Gets the Carrot and Who Gets the Stick? Evidence of Gender Disparities in Executive Remuneration"  Clara Kulich, Grzegorz Trojanowski, Michelle K. Ryan, S. Alexander Haslam and Luc Renneboog
"The Government as Active Shareholder"  B. Espen Eckbo
"Reforming Executive Compensation: Focusing and Committing to the Long-Term"  Sanjai Bhagat and Roberta Romano
"Incidence and Accidents: Regulation of Executive Compensation Through the Tax Code" Joy Sabino Mullane
"Fuzzy Math and Carried Interests: Making Two and Twenty Equal 710"  Karen C. Burke
"Show Me the Money: Does Shared Capitalism Share the Wealth?"  Robert Buchele, Douglas L. Kruse, Loren Rodgers, and Adria Scharf
"Are All CEOs Above Average? An Empirical Analysis of Compensation Peer Groups and Pay Design"  John M. Bizjak, Michael L. Lemmon and Thanh Lai Nguyen
"Illusory Correlation in the Remuneration of Chief Executive Officers: It Pays to Play Golf, and Well"  Robin Hogarth and Gueorgui I. Kolev
"Peer Choice in CEO Compensation"  Ana M. Albuquerque,Gus De Franco and Rodrigo S. Verdi
"The Value of a Rolodex: CEO Pay and Personal Networks"  Joseph Engelberg, Pengjie Gao and
Christopher A. Parsons
"Technological Change and the Growing Inequality in Managerial Compensation"  Hanno N. Lustig, Chad Syverson and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
"Do Target CEOs Sell Out Their Shareholders to Keep Their Job in a Merger?"  Leonce Bargeron, Frederik P. Schlingemann, Rene M. Stulz and Chad J. Zutter
"Managerial Incentives and Corporate Fraud: The Sources of Incentives Matter"  Shane A. Johnson, Harley E. Ryan and Yisong S. Tian
"Boards of Directors, CEO Ownership, and the Use of Non-Financial Performance Measures in the CEO Bonus Plan"  Eduardo Schiehll and François Bellavance
"Is Executive Compensation Shaped by Public Attitudes?"  Camelia M. Kuhnen and Alexandra Niessen
"Compensation Transparency and Managerial Opportunism: A Study of Supplemental Retirement Plans"  Paul Kalyta
"How Do Executives Exercise Stock Options?"  
Daniel Klein and Ernst G. Maug
"Accelerated Share Repurchases, Bonus Compensation, and CEO Horizons"  Carol A. Marquardt,
Christine E.L. Tan and Susan M. Young
"Conflicts and Financial Collapse: The Problem of Secondary-Management Agency Costs"  Steven L. Schwarcz
"The Role of the Board in Turbulent Times: Overseeing Risk Management and Executive Compensation"  Matteo Tonello
"Getting Rich by Getting Fired? An Analysis of Severance Pay Contracts"  Raghavendra Rau and Jin Xu
"Compensation Objectives and the Organization-Wide Use of Non-Cash Pay"  Joseph Gerakos,
Christopher D. Ittner and Frank Moers
"The Impact of Competition on Manager Compensation: Theory and Evidence in Hedge Funds"  
Fei Pan, Hui Zhao and Kwei Tang
"Employee Stock Options, Financing Constraints, and Real Investment"  Ilona Babenko, Michael L. Lemmon and Yuri Tserlukevich
"Investment, Dividends, Firm Performance and Managerial Incentives: The 'Tradeoff Model'"  
Mahmoud Agha
"Option Compensation and Industry Competition"  Neal Stoughton and Kit Pong Wong
"Shareholder Rights, Boards, and CEO Compensation"  Rüdiger Fahlenbrach
"Taking the Blue Pill: Credence Characteristics and the Matrix of Executive Compensation Reform" Omari Scott Simmons
"Learning from the Past: Trends in Executive Compensation over the Twentieth Century"  Carola Frydman
"Returning Fairness to Executive Compensation"  J. Robert Brown
"Not so Lucky Any More: CEO Compensation in Financially Distressed Firms"  Qiang Kang and
Oscar A. Mitnik
"The Effects of Endowment and Loss Aversion in Managerial Stock Option Valuation"  Cynthia E. Devers, Robert M. Wiseman and R. Michael Holmes
"Moving Closer to the Action: Examining Compensation Design Effects on Strategic Risk"  
Cynthia E. Devers, Gerry McNamara, Robert M. Wiseman and Mathias Arrfelt
"Board Committees, CEO Compensation, and Earnings Management" Christian Laux and Volker Laux
"Investment Risk and the Tax Benefit of Deferred Compensation"  Ethan Yale
"Employee Stock Option Valuation with an Early Exercise Boundary"  Neil Brisley and Chris K. Anderson
"The Effect of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on CEO Pay for Luck"  Teodora Paligorova
"Employee Stock Options: Accounting for Optimal Hedging, Suboptimal Exercises, and Contractual Restrictions"  Tim Leung
"Are Tax and Accounting Rules Discriminating against Discounted Employee Stock Options Justified?"  David I. Walker
"Compensation Consultants and Executive Pay: U.K. Evidence"  Konstantinos Stathopoulos,
Georgios Voulgaris and Martin Walker
"Dividend Payout and Executive Compensation: Theory and Evidence"  Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya, Amin Mawani and Cameron K.J. Morrill
"How Much Sunlight Does it Take to Disinfect a Boardroom? A Short History of Executive Compensation Regulation"  Ian L. Dew-Becker
"Executive Compensation and Stock Options: An Inconvenient Truth"  Jean-Pierre Danthine and
John B. Donaldson
"International Executive Pay: Current Practices and Future Trends"  Randall S. Thomas
"Valuing Executive Stock Options: Performance Hurdles, Early Exercise and Stochastic Volatility"  Philip R. Brown and Alexander Szimayer
"The Impact of Corporate Governance on Executive Compensation"  Stephen G. Sapp
"'Say on Pay': Cautionary Notes on the UK Experience and the Case for Muddling Through"  
Jeffrey N. Gordon
"The Adoption of Deferred Share Unit Plans for Outside Directors and Shareholder Wealth"  
Samer Khalil, Michel Magnan and Paul André
"Managerial Ability and Executive Compensation"  John R. Graham, Si Li and Jiaping Qiu
"Who Killed Katie Couric? And Other Tales from the World of Executive Compensation Reform"  
Kenneth M. Rosen
"Pay (Be)fore Performance: The Signing Bonus as an Incentive Device" Ed Van Wesep
"Gender and Executive Compensation in S&P Listed Firms" Walayet A. Khan and João Paulo Vieito
"Chief Executive Officer Equity Incentives and Accounting Irregularities"  Chris Armstrong,
Alan D. Jagolinzer, and David F. Larcker
"Legal Institutions, Board Diligence, and Top Executive Pay"  Steffen H. Brenner and Joachim Schwalbach,
"Sued or Glued - How to Compensate the CEO?"  Rob Bauer, Robin Braun and Frank Moers
"Are Perks Excess? Evidence from the New Executive Compensation Disclosure Rules"  Yaniv Grinstein, David Weinbaum and Nir Yehuda
"Corporate Board Governance and Voluntary Disclosure of Executive Compensation Practices"  Indrarini Laksmana
"Executive Compensation Consultants in the United States and United Kingdom"  Martin J. Conyon
"Too Good to be True: Do Concentrated Institutional Investors Really Reduce Executive Compensation Whilst Raising Incentives?"  Gavin Smith and Peter L. Swan
"Stock-Based Compensation and CEO (Dis)Incentives"  Efraim Benmelech, Eugene Kandel and Pietro Veronesi
"Stock-Based Compensation and CEO (Dis)Incentives"  Efraim Benmelech, Eugene Kandel and Pietro Veronesi,
"Money for Nothing and the Stocks for Free: Taxing Executive Compensation"  Meredith R. Conway
"Golden Parachute as a Compensation-Shifting Mechanism"  Albert H. Choi
"Executive Pay, Career Path and Firm Size"  Jaeyoung Sung and Peter L. Swan
"Shareholders' Say on Pay: Does it Create Value?"  Jie Cai and Ralph A. Walkling
"Is There a Firm-Size Effect in CEO Stock Option Grants?"  Jean Canil
"Small Chances and Large Gains: Why Riskier Companies Grant More Employee Stock Options"  Oliver G. Spalt
"Hands-Off Options" Jesse M. Fried
"Some Thoughts for Boards of Directors in 2008" Martin Lipton
"Optimal Exercise of Executive Stock Options and Implications for Firm Cost" Jennifer N. Carpenter, Richard Stanton and Nancy Wallace
"To Each According to Her Luck and Power: Optimal Corporate Governance and Compensation Policy in a Dynamic World"  Thomas H. Noe, Oxford and Michael J. Rebello
"The Road to Riches: CEO Incentives and Firm Performance"  Gavin Smith and Peter L. Swan
"CEO Centrality"  Lucian Arye Bebchuk, Martijn Cremers and Urs Peyer
"What Do Unions Do to CEO Compensation?"  Konstantinos Tzioumis and Rafael Gomez
  11/29/07     COMPENSATION
"Controlling Executive Compensation Through the Tax Code" Gregg D. Polsky
"Shareholders' Say on Pay: Does it Create Value?" Jie Cai and Ralph A. Walkling
"Changes in Bonus Contracts in the Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Era" Mary Ellen Carter, Luann J. Lynch and Sarah L Center Zechman
"Employee Capitalism or Corporate Socialism? Broad-Based Employee Stock Ownership" E. Han Kim and Paige Parker Ouimet
"Stock-Based Pay: An Incentive for Performance or a Compensation for Competence? How to Compensate a Manager When He is Competent?" Pascal Louvet and Ollivier Taramasco
"The Impact of Tax Status on the Relation between Employee Stock Options and Debt" Jagadison K.Aier and Jared A. Moore
"How Much is Too Much? A Theoretical Analysis of Executive Compensation from the Standpoint of Distributive Justice" Jared D. Harris
"The Power of the Pen and Executive Compensation" John E. Core, Wayne R. Guay and David F. Larcker
"Does the Use of Peer Groups Contribute to Higher Pay and Less Efficient Compensation?" John M. Bizjak, Michael L. Lemmon and Lalitha Naveen
"Disclosure of the Fair Value of Executive Stock Options Granted to Top Executives" Kevin C. K. Lam and Yaw M. Mensah
"Two Goals for Executive Compensation Reform" Brett McDonnell
"Incentives to Cheat: The Influence of Executive Compensation and Firm Performance on Financial Misrepresentation" Jared D. Harris and Philip Bromiley
"Two Goals for Executive Compensation Reform" Brett McDonnell
"Unpacking Backdating: Economic Analysis and Observations on the Stock Option Scandal" David I. Walker
"Perspectives: Executive Compensation: Much Ado About Nothing?" Denise Dickins and Bob Houmes
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  12/14/2000     STOCK STORIES
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